Gold Bullion & Gold Coins For Sale, Investing

Please be advised, our office is currently OPEN by APPOINTMENT only.  All customers must call ahead to schedule. Available by phone 9 am to 9 pm, 7 days/week.  Available for appointments 11 am to 3 pm, Monday – Friday, or outside those hours by request.

Please call with any questions or to lock-in your order.

(406) 969-3005

David Day, owner/operator

Note: High demand is creating high premiums, and limited stock.  I typically have some gold on hand, but can sell out in an instant.  Pre-orders are required if placing large orders, or if I am out of stock, but are only taking 1 to 3 weeks to fill, currently, subject to change.  Please call for availability and pricing, as it changes daily.  THANKS!

Gold Products

US Gold Eagle

1 oz US Gold Eagles

IN-Stock, Limited. Please call for pricing.


1 oz Gold Maples

Available for order, 2 to 3 week delay.


1 oz Gold Krugerrands

some IN-Stock.  Please call for pricing.


1 oz Gold Bars

Brand varies.  Limited Stock.  Lowest premiums.  Please call for pricing.


Other Gold Product

Perth Mint Kangaroos, Philharmonics, Gold Pandas, etc.
Possibly available to order, please call for availability and pricing.




Fractional Gold Bullion

1/2 oz Gold (Eagle)

1/4 oz Gold (Eagle)

1/10 oz Gold (Eagle, Krugerrand, Maple)

IN-STOCK, Please call for pricing.

Very Limited Quantities.


Placer Gold Nuggets

by the gram, please call to discuss.



Gold Coins

$20 US Gold Liberty

$20 US Gold Liberty

Call with any want-lists.  We do have one or two of these IN-stock.


Other US Gold

We do have a very select few $10, $5, and $2.5 US gold pieces IN-stock.
Call with any questions.


Foreign Gold Coins

British Gold Sovereign

We do have a variety of foreign gold pieces IN-STOCK (British Gold Sovereigns, 20 Francs, 10 Gulden, Russian 5 Rouble, etc.), and these are great to consider for small (fractional) gold pieces that trade well, are available, hold collector value in down markets (being over 100 years old or more), yet don’t even run as high of a premium as standard bullion in this currently volatile market.

Please call for pricing or with any questions.